How long is the waiting list?

It depends on the development & bedroom size you apply for. Every waiting list is different. Upon approval of your application, we would at that point have the ability to know what position you are on the waiting list(s).

I have a felony, will I be denied for Public Assistance?

It depends on what exactly you have the felony for. Just because you have a felony, doesn't mean you will be denied. You are eligible to complete an application just like everyone else. When your file is verified, we would then come to a conclusion of approval or denial.

Do you have any vacancies?

Most of our developments are driven by a waiting list. If there are any vacancies, usually there is a waiting list for that unit; therefore we would have someone ready to move in to the vacant apartment. If there is no waiting list for a particular development & bedroom size, we would place a notice in the local newspapers.

Is Section 8 waiting list open?

No, the waiting list is closed. If/when it is re-opened, we will put a notice in the local newspapers two weeks prior to re-opening.

Are the Freedom Developments in Litchfield and the Liberty Homes in Hillsboro Public Housing?

No, they are a Tax Credit Program. They are rent controlled; they are not based on income like Public Housing.

Can my boyfriend/girlfriend move in with me?

Yes, but ONLY if he or she is approved. You cannot move someone into your unit without management approval. That person has to apply and be approved before he or she can be added to your lease.

How much will my rent be?

Before we are able to tell you what your rent will be, we have to verify all income first. In order to do this, you need to apply first. After all income is verified and you are approved, we would be able to tell you your rent amount at that time.

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